• Mako goes on a date with a kind, polite woman who he happens to be attracted to, instead of going after the girl who he suspects his brother likes. 
  • Mako introduces her to Korra.
  • Mako goes on another date.
  • Mako has ant eskimo kiss with his new girlfriend.
  • Mako goes on a lunch date with his girlfriend. 

Gosh, Mako, why can’t you go back to being the sweet boy you were during the duration of episode 1?

*extreme sarcasm. 

pulpofiction asked: I have this theory that Amon or one of the Equalists might actually be a bender because in the new trailer, there was a scene with someone’s hand on Lin’s face like they were spirit-bending her… and now I’m very curious and I’m wondering if you or anyone else caught that because that’s like half-blood-Voldemort status evil right there. IF IT’S TRUE.


Yeah I saw the energybending clip in the trailer, although I thought it was that bloke Tahno, not Lin. That’s definitely a possibility. The lion turtle did say that energybending was basically just.. the way bending went down pre-elemental bending, so I don’t necessarily see why… people who aren’t the Avatar couldn’t do it..

It’s a bit early to say for sure, of course, but it is an interesting theory nonetheless!